Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Cambridge E-luminate

Cambridge E-luminate festival is in full swing again I have to admit it passed me by in previous years, but when Phil one of my photo buddies suggested we went to take a look how could I refuse! The weather seems to have consisted of rain, rain and more rain so after checking the weather we decided to plumb for Tuesday evening after work.

We met up on the top floor of Lion Yard car park, still hoping for a decent sunset from here, but to date I've been refused.

View from Lion Yard car park
This shot was taken a few moths back, there was a little bit of a sunset, but it was way off to the left.

After a few "test shots" we headed over to Kings. The screens were lit up rather nicely and the light was just starting to fade, there was a bit of cloud cover and the rain held off ideal shooting conditions.

Kings College
Rainbow Kings

Every so often the colours would fade from purple to rainbow across the screens, sometimes this was little frustrating since it was in the middle of an exposure, but generally quite predictable.

I tried to adjust the perspective in Lightroom with varied degrees of success using the "Auto" button, so in most of the shots I did a little extra work in Photoshop with a combination of perspective, skew and warp transformations.

Ominous colours - this could be out of Harry Potter!

Next stop along Kings Parade was Senate House, this was a little more tricky since the light display was changing rapidly and there were lots of people on the road either walking, cycling or stopping to take snaps with their phones. After 5 or so minutes the road cleared and with a higher ISO I grabbed this shot. The image on Senate House isn't that sharp, but you get the idea.

Senate House

Pretty in pink

By 6pm the sky was getting a little dark. This shot of Johns Tower was taken from the junction of Trinity Street & Sidney Street. The colours here are completely natural it was very, very pink.

Phil and I then wandered down to the Mathematical Bridge, but unfortunately it wasn't lit up even though it was mentioned on the e-luminate website.


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