Friday, 12 June 2020

The Farm Track - Stapleford

We often take the familiar things for granted. I have to admit the farm track at the end of my road fell firmly into this category. Over the years I've enjoyed the occasional evening or weekend walk and even ventured out to catch the odd sunrise.

Stapleford Sunrise

Ron's Bench

Double Trouble

However, since the start of Covid-19 lock-down it's kept me sane. Every day I went out for a walk and the view was slightly different. People running, cycling, walking, the changing light and weather, even the crops as they grew.

As soon as lock-down rules relaxed allowing multiple trips out per day I decided to start work on a timelapse. The aim was to capture the farm track and the people who used it from dawn to dusk. A few weeks later and over 3000 images shot I've finished.

Hopefully it will not stop here and I will continue to enjoy the farm track as it changes through the seasons.

The Farm Track Flickr Album

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